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Interruption and Epilogue

Four Flutists


This flute quartet in two movements contains many self-reflections about my identity from a two year period of my life. The first movement, "Interruption," was created during this time. Starting anew again and again, constantly interrupted - two aspects that have shaped my life growing up, starting fresh in a new country every few years. The theme of second movement, "epilogue," was created in one week and the movement composed a year and a half after the theme. The mixture of the pain and anger of a loss, but also the longing for what was lost is what carries this movement in structure and performance style; at the end all that is left is air and a whistle. The entire quartet is the overcoming of the confusions of a “false" sense past and the attempt at reconciling it with the reality of my past.

Composed in 2010, revised in 2018 - commissioned and premiered in Zurich by the flutists of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich in 2011 - revised version premiered at the NFA Orlando, USA in 2018.

A recording done at Abbey Road Institute at the Custom 75 in Abbey Road Studios, London will be released on all digital platforms soon.

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