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PORTFOLIO music for film

Since 2018 I started working on music for film. This started with my first project the documentary film "One Girl" (read more below). This ignited a dormant interest in music for film and media. Following this first project I have regularly taken part in scoring competitions and collaborated with artists creating soundtracks and creating films myself (this flourished during lockdown). Watch and listen to some samples and examples below. Click the following to see examples of my music for live performance | opera | musical experiments - these will take you directly to the section of your interest. The samples below are not in chronological order.

In 2018 I had the chance to work on my first soundtrack project: the documentary film "One Girl - one day, four girls, a million dreams" directed by Rosa Russo. The film was presented in festivals around the world in 2018 and 2019 winning Best Documentary Feature at the MasterDoc Intl Film Festival, USA; Best Educational Film at the Berlin Filmmaker IFF of World Cinema, Germany; and Best Family Film at the Family, Kids, Social Film Festival, USA; as well as being nominated and featured in many other important festivals worldwide. Recently the film has become available on Netflix in Rumania and broadcast on the Chinese National Television. Click HERE to go to the film's website and find out more about the film.

Delusional Nature

This score was created with the theatre director Irene Ros for the Long Minute curated by Bronwyn Lace organised by The Centre for the Less Good Idea based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was created during Lockdown in 2020.

‘Delusional Nature’ is a reflection on the detached relationship developed with physical reality during the lockdown. At the same time, it is a “home-specific" work, an attempt to squeeze creativity out of a domestic space.

Created by Irene Ros
Music by Lucas Jordan

Give me a Breath & Happy Feet

These two short films were created in collaboration with the cellist/dancer Elena Cappelletti during the lockdown in 2020. These have become short studies in film scoring as well as video editing, not only being composer of the music but also director and editor of both videos. "Give me a Breath" has two different versions of the music.

Dancing on the Overground

This was part of the making music day celebration of 21st june from 2019, it was organised by the company spitfire audio inviting people to create music for the animation created by the artist Kate Isobel Scott. Among using some sample libraries from spitfire I also used two sample instruments I created: home drums (the improvised drums I used for the soundtrack of One Girl) and funghi drums (literally recordings of me tapping on solid funghi hanging off tree trunks organised into a sort of pitched percussion instrument).

Caminades 3 - Llamigos

This score was created as a submission for the Indie Film Music Contest 2020. The competition is still ongoing and the winners will be announced very soon! The film including my soundtrack is published here with authorisation according to the regulations of the contest.

Danny and the Wild Bunch

This score was created as a submission for the International Film Music Competition of the Zurich Film Festival in 2019. The audio is an orchestral mockup of the score I created for this short film. The film including my soundtrack is published here with authorisation according to the regulations of the festival.

Westworld Scoring Competition

This was created as part of another initiative by spitfire audio. This was a competition organise in collaboration with HBO giving contestants the unique opportunity of scoring a case scene from the popular HBO series Westworld. The scene is taken from the 5th episode of the 3rd season. For this project I created several new sample instruments discovering exciting sound design concepts. These instruments were created from sounds found around the house, such as a spinning washing machine, clothes dryer and a groove gained from the kitchen dish washer. Along with these sounds I also sampled some excerpts of Ravel's duo for violin and cello transcribed for flute and cello as well as a unique use of whistle tones on the flute.

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