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Much of Lucas' career has focussed around many distinguished current and past projects and collaborations. Most of these projects could only take place thanks for the generous support of foundations such as the momento stiftung, Mazzini Garibaldi Foundation and Golsoncott Foundation as well as private donations. 

The projects listed below only include projects where he was one of the initiators. For information on other collaborations please view biography. Use the buttons below to learn more about some of these projects.

current projects

Inspired by the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino this interdisciplinary project explores what cities mean to us today and how can we reconnect with the idea of community - the invisible thread that connects a city's inhabitants. Created in collaboration with theatre director Irene Ros, cellist Elena Cappelletti; featuring also singer Meret Roth and actor Laura Hopwood.

The Invisible Cities Project has been performed at the Estorick Collection of Italian Modern Art in London as part of their exhibition on Italian sculptor Fausto Melotti, who inspired Calvino to write his first invisible cities. This performance took place on 5th April 2019.

A further performance took place at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow on 19th December 2019. This was a revised version which focussed more on the interplay between physical theatre and music complemented with spoken word. For this performance the project was awarded generous support from the Mazzini Garibaldi Foundation and Golsoncott Foundation. 

The trailer above was created with scenes from this performance. For more information click here.


Formed by flautist Lucas Jordan and guitarist Fabricio Mattos, the Jordan Mattos Duo focuses on 20th- and 21st-century music for flute and guitar. Apart from exploring a wide range of repertoire, the duo also engages in experimental performance events that aim to expand the traditional perception and expectations of classical music. 

Currently the duo has been performing two main programmes. 'Americas' explores works from the three Americas, and 'Deconstructing Dance' is an aesthetic exploration of dance as a musical genre, transforming performance spaces into a means of expression of three basic elements of dance: gestures, rhythm, and places.

Apart from the duo work, the duo also collaborates with poet Audrey Ardern-Jones OBE, forming the Poetry & Music Ensemble. As part of this exciting project, the trio performs conceptual programmes combining poetry and music in a tasteful way, exploring the aesthetic qualities of both art forms.


The festival is dedicated to new and innovative musical projects with a focus on collaboration. It brings together musicians from all over the world carefully curated to perform short concerts on three days in an intimate space. Each edition of the festival focusses on a particular topic:


edition number one: "das Schöne im Begegnen" - the beauty in the act of encounter took place in the Barockzimmer of the Zentrum Karl der Grosse in Zurich, Switzerland on 1st, 2nd & 3rd December.

After a hiatus the short festival will resume with edition number two taking place on 1st, 2nd & 3rd May 2021 in London, UK and edition number three on 1st, 2nd & 3rd December in Zurich, Switzerland.

More information will be announced during 2020.

short films

Short Films

The short films are a series of musical films that have been and are currently being created by Lucas. The idea originated with his "three miniatures" for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin and cello. The images are meant to enter a dialogue with the music and enhance certain aspects of the music, almost as an inverted soundtrack, where the images become a "visualtrack" to the music. There is no specific structure or style, each varying a lot from the previous. These are works in progress and experiments exploring the effects images can have on sound. At the moment there are two short films completed, but further videos are planned and will be launched in a new youtube channel at the end of 2020, so stay tuned! For now, the first two are below. Feel free to get in touch with feedback or comments about this project!

three miniatures
preludio from preludiofuga n. I
past projects


A generic denomination for hummingbird in Tupi, the language spoken by the Tupinambá tribes, indigenous people living in the Brazilian coast during the 16th century.


In 1560 the portuguese jesuit, Father José de Anchieta, sent a letter explaining what he had seen in the new world. In it he referred to the guainumbi: "There are many birds, among them: the Guainumbi, the smallest of them all. They feed from dew and all say one of them comes from butterflies." In the Tupinambá culture they were thought to be "messengers from the other life". 

After an intense collaboration between composer Igor Maia and flutist Lucas Jordan that resulted in the piece for solo flute called "Guainumbi", the two decided to continue this work and founded the Guainumbi Ensemble: A young and dynamic new music ensemble with a focus on exciting collaborations inspired by the little, though powerful, bird and its otherworldly mythology: the Guainumbi


(2012 - 2019) 


The creative spark

Inspired by a multitude of events in their lives, Lucas Jordan and Fabricio Mattos, one sunny afternoon in a café after a rehearsal in London, concluded that apart from the traditional concert halls they had a special fondness to intimate and cosy performance spaces that allow musicians to directly communicate the inherent message of pieces to listeners. At that moment they realized how amazing it would be to stage the same concerts they were used to play in big concert halls in someone's living room, and from this idea emerged the concept d#Gents | re:staging music. 


One thing leads to another...

With an urge for connectivity and freshness but also a love for tradition, d#Gents presents chamber music with a modern twist. Gents' performances are divided into:

Concert Hall 

Traditional and not-so-traditional programmes including a wide range of original and arranged music for flute and guitar. Apart from concert halls, the Gents have performed in galleries, museums, open spaces, and other unexpected venues.

Living Room

Concerts in domestic settings, such as living rooms, gardens, and libraries.  The cosiness and closeness of such settings allow the creation of an optimum experience to enjoy live music performances. 

Poetry & Music Ensemble:

A regular collaboration with nurse-poet Audrey Ardern-Jones, where poetry and music work together in the aesthetic sense, allowing yet another kind of artistic expression to arise, the one of unconditional human poetics.

NOTE: dsharpgents continue to perform as the Jordan Mattos Duo. For more information view above.


Wenn heute sich mit gestern vermischt

(2008 - 2011) 

An improvisation concert with music by Debussy, Ravel, Schubert, Bach and Bizet.

A journey on the boarder between spontaneous and planned creativity.


About the project:

Together with Isaï Angst (clarinet) and Benjamin Ryser (cello) we developed various forms of improvisation though a confrontation with composition. In this way we could crash very different styles of music into each other and remould them into a new style. Composition gained freedom. Improvisation gained structure. The experience was a journey on the boundary between spontaneous and planned creativity.

The compositions were made up of quotes, solo pieces and arrangements that in the moment of the concert would be improvised into new pieces. Though improvisation we could question Bach's cello suites or Debussy's Syrinx oder even let Schubert's Piano Trio in E-flat Major reemerge as a tango.

Aims of the project:


  • The concept should make the listener curious about (re)discovering repertoire works and deepen their musical knowledge.

  • The listener is given the opportunity to discover a new way of listening to music. They can for example listen for and/or recognise a quotation. This kind of active listening attitude can transfer over to other concert experiences of the listener.

  • Furthermore the listener, who may not be versed in contemporary improvised music, would receive a kind of island through the quoted works, that could give them some orientation.

The concert programme was as follows:

Shoot first ask Questions later!  

Wenn Schubert aus Argentinien käme..

La Flûte de Pain

Das mit den Suiten


Die AB..A Impro

3 Miniaturen und der Minotaurus

" wissen des nicht wissens ist des wissens wissen..."


Bolero à l’aprèsmidi d’une Bond Girl

The programme also included a "bibliography" of works:


Schubert, Andante con moto, 2nd movement of the Piano Trio in E-Flat Major

Debussy, Syrinx (la Flûte de Pan)

Bach, Oh, Haupt voll Blut und Wunden from St. Matthew Passion

Bach, bit from the Cello Suites

Debussy, Prélude à l’aprèsmidi d’un faune

Ravel, Bolero

Bizet, Habañera aus Carmen

NOTE: The "Bibliography" should give the curious listener the chance to listen to the original version of the works. They can know with certainty which pieces were performed during the concert even if they happened to not recognise one of the quotations during the concert.

listen to some examples:


Dialoge Company

(2009 - 2012) 

He was one of the founding members of the Dialoge Company for contemporary improvised music and dance Zurich/Berlin from 2009 - 2012, which was made up of musicians and dancers exploring the intrinsic relationship between music and dance.

It expanded to exploring "trans-disciplinary concepts and ideas in a variety of ways. Movement, space, sound and word existing equally next to each other make up the performance as a whole. The company is run on a project-to-project basis and the members meet throughout the year to perform and create." 

The photo below was taken in Berlin, 2009, during "Dialoge VI". Originally a study week conceived by Natalia Sidler and Gisler Müller, in which music students of the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste spent a week working with international dancers exploring improvisation in both fields - that year the participants decided to continue this work, founding the Dialoge Company.


(2010 / 2011) 

abendsfrüh is a concert series dedicated to children organised in community centres around Zurich by the Datio Stiftung in collaboration with the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. All concerts are a mixture of theatre and music, some created with actors and musicians others with only musicians - groups come together and receive mentorship in developing their own performance for children, this is followed by performances in several community centres around Zurich. The project was inaugurated in 2010/2011 and has been running a yearly season ever since. Lucas was involved in two productions in that year:

Kasimir Träumt - a story about a lonely dragon named Kasimir, who dreams about friends that come to life after he wakes up

Am Lagerfeuer der Zigeuner - the story about a group of gypsies that come together to celebrate with music and overcome troubles along the way - a fire that won't start and an angry neighbour who falls in love.

am Lagerfeuer der Zigeuner

Kasimir träumt

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