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Platform Four

mezzo soprano and guitar


The music explores an expression of the words of the poem in all of its aspects. The 2016 version of the poem, which was used to compose the piece, is as follows:

I’ve lost sight of the man in the kiosk on Epsom station who early morning, every morning poured Earl Grey tea into a cardboard cup. He knew my name, long admired my Welsh wool cape, winked at me when I wore pink lipstick - and when there were leaves on the line,
a body on the track, wrapped a Danish pastry
in a paper napkin ignoring the whispers of the queue.
I’ve lost a voice, the lilted English accent he spilt,
gone is the smile tracked over his face back to a hometown in Sierra Leone. So many stories of brothers Malikie, Emmanuel and his mother Claudetta who
sewed frocks for school girls sang in the hill-town choir of Segbwema I’ve lost a sun lark, its speckled feathers furrowed in my heart.

Composed in 2016 for the Colours of Eden Project - Premiered at the Brunel Museum in London by Georgia Knower and Fabricio Mattos

Text written by Audrey Ardern-Jones - published in 2019 by Indigo Dreams Publishing in the anthology ‘Doing the Rounds’

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