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preludiofuga II

romantic (Stauffer) guitar


Preludes set the key of the following Fugue. In other words they establish the ground rules of what will follow – they establish something.

Fugues present a theme and elaborate on it while someone else proposes a different take on the same subject. In other words it discusses a subject in depth looking at different perspectives of this subject simultaneously – they elaborate on something.

In ‘preludiofuga II’ for Stauffer guitar the Prelude fails to establish anything and dissolves into the Fugue. The Fugue is confused and tries to help the Prelude establish something by showing varying perspectives on possible subjects – in a way like someone trying to discuss a complex topic in a language they do not know very well. This dissolved state frustrates them.

In search of an unobtainable solution, Prelude’s and Fugue’s frustration gradually transcends their musical barrier and forces itself out of the performer through ‘non-verbal’ gestures. Not knowing what more to do, both Prelude and Fugue leave it to the ‘non-verbal’ gestures to decide their musical end.

Composed in 2016 - commissioned by Worldwide Guitar Connections - premiered by Fabricio Mattos at Goodenough College in London, UK with subsequent performances in Asia, Switzerland and Brazil

Recorded at Trilhas Urbanas, Brazil

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