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Song after Sacro Monte di Ossuccio

varying combinations of voice, flute, cello and/or piano


The piece is composed in a way that in can be performed using various combinations of the quartet of voice, flute, cello, piano:
solo cello - solo piano - cello & piano - mezzo soprano & piano - mezzo soprano & cello - mezzo soprano, piano & cello - mezzo soprano & flute - flute & cello - mezzo soprano, flute & piano - full quartet
The concept follows the form of the poem by Audrey Ardern-Jones where the first half of the line is always the same as the second half of the previous line. The first version of the piece was for mezzo soprano and piano. Based on that the cello version was composed, and following that the flute, which led to the existing possibilities. Any further versions to join would be composed based on the latest version adding to the possible versions and combinations. The musical structure of the piece follows a similar principle while musically expressing the metaphors of the words.

Commissioned by Catrin Kirchner, Martin Merker & Anna Adamik in 2016 - flute added in 2019 commissioned by DONNE Foundation

mezzo soprano & cello and mezzo soprano, cello & piano premiered in Germany and Austria in 2016
cello solo premiered by Paolo Andriotti in Latina, Italy as finalist of the Premio Musica Nova in 2020
mezzo soprano, flute & piano premiered by Clelia Iruzun, Gabriella di Laccio and the composer in London and Oxford, UK in 2021
mezzo soprano & piano premiered by Clelia Iruzun and Gabriella di Laccio at the Brazilian Embassy in London in 2021

Text written by Audrey Ardern-Jones - published in 2019 by Indigo Dreams Publishing in the anthology ‘Doing the Rounds’

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