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Wenn heute sich mit gestern vermischt
(2008 - 2011)

An improvisation concert with music by Debussy, Ravel, Schubert, Bach and Bizet.

A journey on the boarder between spontaneous and planned creativity.

Wenn Schubert aus Argentinien käme... / If Schubert were born in Argentina... - Wenn heute sich mit gestern vermischt
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About the project

Together with Isaï Angst (clarinet) and Benjamin Ryser (cello) we developed various forms of improvisation though a confrontation with composition. In this way we could crash very different styles of music into each other and remould them into a new style. Composition gained freedom. Improvisation gained structure. The experience was a journey on the boundary between spontaneous and planned creativity.

The compositions were made up of quotes, solo pieces and arrangements that in the moment of the concert would be improvised into new pieces. Though improvisation we could question Bach's cello suites or Debussy's Syrinx oder even let Schubert's Piano Trio in E-flat Major reemerge as a tango.

Aims of the project:


  • The concept should make the listener curious about (re)discovering repertoire works and deepen their musical knowledge.

  • The listener is given the opportunity to discover a new way of listening to music. They can for example listen for and/or recognise a quotation. This kind of active listening attitude can transfer over to other concert experiences of the listener.

  • Furthermore the listener, who may not be versed in contemporary improvised music, would receive a kind of island through the quoted works, that could give them some orientation.

Listen to some more examples

The concert programme was as follows:

Shoot first ask Questions later!  

Wenn Schubert aus Argentinien käme..

La Flûte de Pain

Das mit den Suiten


Die AB..A Impro

3 Miniaturen und der Minotaurus

" wissen des nicht wissens ist des wissens wissen..."


Bolero à l’aprèsmidi d’une Bond Girl

The programme also included a "bibliography" of works:


Schubert, Andante con moto, 2nd movement of the Piano Trio in E-Flat Major

Debussy, Syrinx (la Flûte de Pan)

Bach, Oh, Haupt voll Blut und Wunden from St. Matthew Passion

Bach, bit from the Cello Suites

Debussy, Prélude à l’aprèsmidi d’un faune

Ravel, Bolero

Bizet, Habañera aus Carmen








on the


Note: The "Bibliography" should give the curious listener the chance to listen to the original version of the works. They can know with certainty which pieces were performed during the concert even if they happened to not recognise one of the quotations during the concert.

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